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Rotana Export Company was established in 2016 and has been exported to many foreign countries. We offer the best quality always at a competitive prices based on international prices for various agricultural products.

We provide the exact required specifications to each of the European countries and also to the Arab countries taking into account the different requirements of each country in terms of:

Product Specifications - Packing Specifications - Required Analysis - Shipping Type Required

We offer more than one payment method in all contracts between us and the buyers. This is in order to facilitate the buyer's payment methods, LC-TT.


Negotiation, flexibility and transparency are our closest friend.

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We have all the nutritional products (vegetables, fruits and grains). We offer all products with the requested specifications by each customer (Best product quality and packaging). We deliver goods and products to any (Sea Port or Air Port). We accept the transaction through the Enhanced irrevocable LC Or bank transfers. Advanced payment , followed with second payment to check the quality of products.

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